The Unconventional Guide to Gifts

The holiday season typically brings along many gifts, both giving and receiving. Once the dust settles, it can easily get overwhelming trying to figure out where to put all of the new items that have made their way into your home. Below are a handful of ideas that will help keep the stress to a minimum and keep your home organized after the season has passed.

Out With the Old – Before your home becomes the new settlement for many new gifts, take a moment to go through items you already have. Get rid of older toys, clothing, and jewelry that are no longer played with, used, or worn. This will help to open up space for the new items that will be received.

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One In, One Out Rule – Make it a rule that for each gift that is received, one toy or item that you already have in your home is given away, donated, or removed. This is a way to keep the clutter to a minimum, and avoid an overflow of items that are no longer necessary to keep around.

Gift Cards – Gift cards have become one of the most popular items to give and receive. Rather than just picking random items for people to get, gift cards allow you to wait until there is something that you really want. They give you the freedom to browse around and pick out what you really want or even need. Decide where you want to store the gift cards you receive. You could keep them together in an envelope or drawer at home. If you are someone who forgets to grab your gift cards before you go out to shop or eat, you can keep them in your purse or wallet until you use them. That way you’ll be sure to have them on hand and know right where to find them when you’re ready to spend them.

Giving Back – Another great option around the holiday season is to give back. Rather than asking for gifts, you may want to request that people donate a gift to someone in need. There are countless donation centers that would be happy to take in gifts for others. This is an opportunity to not only keep your home from becoming cluttered with things you don’t need, but also to help those less fortunate.

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