What’s in your pocket?

A Pocket Full of Awesome

Time is money. Knowledge is power. These idioms have never resonated more than in the information age we are currently in. We are constantly bombarded by content — publicly and privately sourced, global and local — and we are always searching for more. Whether it is to research for school or work, to learn, or to inform, the ability to compile and organize articles or pages of interest can save time and make the information accessible whenever you need it (or finally have the time to properly read and digest it). 

You can keep it organized, easy to find, and right at your fingertips with the Pocket app, a user-friendly curation tool for online material. Pocket lets you compile information your way so you can spend more time enjoying what you’ve saved and less time sitting through them all over again.

Better Than Bookmarking

How many times have you bookmarked something for later, only to find out that all you have done is put it in a sea of disembodied links…and that it requires wasting time you didn’t want to spend? 

With Pocket, you can organize posts, webpages, articles, blogs, and more with tags so that you can easily search for particular pieces, making it super easy to refer back to the resources you have gathered. Pocket makes it easy to organize by topic, source, or any category you want. You can even customize your display to make it easier for your eye.

Learn the 6 hacks to manage your bookmarks here

Anywhere, Anytime

The Pocket app allows you to organize — and review — whatever content you have saved anywhere, whenever you feel like it. You can flag practically anything — videos, articles, stories, recipes — from new channels and publications (such as The New York Times, BBC News, and The Washington Post), web searches, subscriptions, and even social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube. You can look through your Pocket on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer — and even make materials available offline.

The Pocket app can be downloaded for FREE onto any mobile device from the App Store and Google Play. It is also accessible on your computer or laptop through browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Learn more about Pocket at getpocket.com today!

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