Why Bother Backing Up Your Photos When You Can Just Keep Them on Your Phone?

You need to stop leaving your photos on your phone! Here’s why you need a digital organizer backup system to help you manage those all-important phone photos.

What Is a Backup?

A backup is a digital photo organizing lifesaver — a secondary form of storage where you can keep all of your digital photos. In your backup solution, you can manage your photos, enjoy them all over again, or even send them to friends and family members whenever you like. Perhaps most crucially, you can keep your photos safe.

Why Backups Are So Important

You can’t keep your photos on your phone anymore… no way. It’s just too dangerous. Don’t believe us? Here’s why phone storage is a virtual organizing no-no.

  • You take your phone with you everywhere you go, you have it with you all day, every day — what if it gets lost, damaged, stolen, flattened, smashed, or anything else? It could happen.
  • Your phone is replaceable, your photos aren’t! So back them up!
  • Your phone is not suited to file organization — when did you last flick through your photos on your phone, you know, the ones from last year or two years ago? It’s more likely you just forgot about them. Great pics deserve better.
  • Phone storage is not infinite — when you run out of space, you will just end up deleting great photos you could have saved!

Learn More About Getting Organized and Staying That Way!

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