Why Millenials love organization?

Why Millennials May Excel at Getting Organized

Why Millennials May Excel at Getting Organized

The world is constantly evolving, giving way to new technology and new trends. When millennials (also called Generation Y) replaced Generation Xers as the largest group of individuals in the country, the way that businesses operated shifted, too. Millennials have achieved their education and are looking to join the workforce.

Millennials are products of their childhood, bringing the lessons about the environment, society, and the importance of minimalist living with them into adulthood. They have the most advanced technology, and they use it for everything they do. They don’t want to own things in excess. This desire to have less clutter and more efficiency brings them one step closer to maintaining organization in every area of their lives.

More Traits That Make Millennials Consummate Organizers

So, how do these and other traits common among millennials make them better at getting and staying organized? 

  • Curiosity – Millennials are curious, always striving to learn something new and develop useful skills. They don’t mind investing their time and energy into learning something that the rest of us might put off. For example, while the rest of us might wait until “we get around to it” to scan all of our photos into a new computer program, millennials are already working to see what else the program will do. In fact, this new digital generation finds lots of ways to keep things organized without the need for calendars, paper, or common office tools. 
  • Individuality – These young adults embrace what sets them apart from the rest. They don’t settle for doing things the standard way. Instead, they look for unique solutions that help them achieve the impossible. While you and I might not tackle cleaning out the garage because there’s too much clutter to organize, they take a more practical approach to cutting the clutter down to size. It might mean adapting a variety of storage tools to do it, but they’re always anxious to put their unique spin on any challenge. 
  • Financial Stability –  Millennials aren’t looking for a quick path to the top of the corporate ladder; they’re more interested in financial stability. They only spend their money on necessities. Not purchasing luxury items or making regular spontaneous buys means they have less stuff in their home and at work to organize. It’s easier to find a place for everything and keep everything in its place when there is less to work with. 
  • Social Consciousness – We all know about the impact waste has on the planet, and most of us do something to help minimize our carbon footprint. Millennials go to much greater lengths to give back to society and to the planet. They look for new ways to cut waste and are more likely to give away items they don’t want or need anymore to someone who can use them. 

Millennials are, by nature, more frugal, neater, minimalistic, and, yes, organized. It comes down to having less and optimizing it for the most efficient use. Also, potential employers should keep this in mind when considering a new hire. These same qualities are what make millennials good employees. They are dedicated to delivering the best performance using only the essentials.

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