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Are you looking for a great Lunch & Learn Presentation?  Are your teams stressed about not being able to find, share, and save documents?  Our Digital Organizing Specialists are ready to enhance your business by helping to reduce stress and save your team time. See our ready to go presentations that could be the right fit for your business and teams.  We're here to help you improve efficiency!

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"Having Be Organizing as the guest speaker for our company's Digital Organization Lunch & Learn was really valuable. Alex's presentation was relevant, detailed, and full of helpful tips and tricks as it related to email and digital file organization. Our team left the Lunch & Learn with good takeaways that we could easily and immediately begin incorporating into our daily work."

- Clēnera - an Enlight Company

Declutter Your Email

Does your team spend a lot of time in their email inbox?  Is it one of the main ways your company communicates?  In this presentation we focus on email organization and management.  Your team will learn time savers and tools to organize their email inbox, how to limit email, how to look at emails differently to make the most use of their time, email best practices and tips on email etiquette.

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File Organization

Learn how to easily help your staff set up a filing structure to follow in order to find, name, retrieve, and share digital folders, as well as learning when and how to back up and move stored files.  Getting your teams on the same page is key to a stress free digital work environment.



Build Your Own Workshop Or Lunch & Learn Presentation

Be offers personalized presentations for Lunch & Learn events, workshops, sales meetings and more for small and large groups.  We customize presentations for your company on whatever your teams' digital organizing and productivity needs are.  All programs include a Q & A session. 

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