Client Story – Closet Organizing

Think through organization before NOT AFTER, the remodel.

A women’s favorite place can be her closet. It can also be her worst nightmare. be Organizing works most often organizing closets for clients. Taking the appropriate steps prior to remodeling her closet Susan hired be for the closet organizing phase. Susan didn’t have the proper shelving and the closet was overstuffed so we first recommended a local closet remodeling business to provide an estimate. We worked closely to select the right product for Susan to make sure her closet would be organized after be. left and for many years to come.


Good thing Alex is an expert in closet organizing!


Working with Susan, they relived some of the great memories the purses and shoes had seen—reminding Susan that shoes are OK to get rid of because shopping for shoes is fun! Purses were placed out of the way so Susan’s husband never tripped on them.


As for the overflow, Alex used additional compartments inside the remodeled space to hide the shoes and clothes that weren’t used that often. And along the way, with some extra encouragement, Susan got rid of her dating clothes she used to wear. Her husband loved that!

  • The closet organizer, extraordinaire (learn more about Alex here).