Our Process

Systems Designed to Work for You.

We help you develop systems, processes and organize your digital life.  Each system is tailored to fit you or your team to save time and improve productivity.  We know that digital organizing can seem like a daunting task so we do our best to make the process as calm, peaceful and enjoyable as possible.

Tips & Recommendations

We provide you with tips, techniques and will find the best program or app to suit your digital organizing needs.

System & Processes

We create SIMPLE digital organizing systems and processes that SAVE TIME and REDUCE STRESS so you can spend more time enjoying your life!

Digital Organization

We will do the organizing for you, with you or can guide you each step of the way (you choose!).  We work at your comfort level.

Work With Us.

  1. Schedule Free Initial Assessment

    Schedule an Assessment to discuss your digital organizing goals, challenges and our pricing options.

  2. Schedule First Session

    Sessions are done remotely and scheduled in blocks of at least 2 hours so good progress can be made.  

  3. Agreement

    You'll receive a Service Agreement to review and e-sign.  See pricing options.

  4. Sessions

    The Digital Organizer works virtually on your digital organizing project.  We use the S.I.M.P.L.I.F.Y. Method © — our own step-by-step process as a guide.

S.I.M.P.L.I.F.Y. Method ©

Our own step-by-step process to organize any area of your digital life.

We guarantee complete confidentiality and respect when handling your files and information.

"Be Organizing is so helpful and professional. What a wonderful service! A true game changer for the digital organization of my business. Alex’s tips and recommendations have made my life easier and my mind clearer. Thank you, Alex and the Be Organizing team"

Bernadette J.

Keli Photo Organizing Testimonial

" Now I can find any picture from the past in less than 15 seconds because they are so well organized in the cloud.  Once all my photos were organized, we then created photo books and memorabilia books for each child which is priceless."

Keli W.

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