Client Story – Garage Organizing

The Garage is a place for Cars and Hobbies—NOT JUNK

Like many middle aged men, Jeff recently went through a change in his life—a divorce. Jeff had a whole lot of stuff; and when he moved, everything that didn’t need immediate use stayed in the garage.


More than a year since he moved, his beautiful home continued to have one area where those old memories persisted; the garage. Garage Organizing was a perfect place to start with Jeff.


be Organizing helped Jeff complete that life change—and gave him back a garage to have fun in again!


Alex from be Organizing is a professional garage organizer and visited with Jeff to build his own plan of action. Every customer of be receives their own plan. Learn more about Alex here.


When it was all over (took just two morning sessions with Alex and only a little of Jeff’s time) he finally had a place in the garage to park his Car—and also discovered some great relics by finding his kids childhood bikes. Next time his grandkids come over he’ll have gifts for them; retro bicycles!