When you are ready to get your digital life organized, it is easy to get overwhelmed about where to start. But don’t worry, Be Organizing has several options to choose from!


Full Service Digital Organizing:


Work directly with us on your digital organizing projects to maximize efficiency and save time.  We will do the organizing for you, with you or can guide you each step of the way (you choose!).  We work at your comfort level.


We have two pricing options for our Full Service Digital Organizing:


  1. Our Be Simple A La Carte pricing is great for any digital organizing projects and the perfect way for you to pick and choose what you need in the moment.
  2. Our Be Clear Monthly Plans at discounted rates provide continuous progress on your digital organizing projects and support that will help you stay on track, maintain momentum and keep the clutter from coming back. 


Pricing per session ranges $297-$597.  Find more information about our plan options below.


Self Paced Digital Photo Organizing Course:


We also offer a Digital Photo Organizing Online Course, for those who want easy, actionable and broken down steps to organize your digital photos.  Finally, you can have peace of mind knowing you can easily locate your photos, access them from anywhere and that your memories are safe and secure for you and your family!


Be Simple A La Carte Options

Great for digital organizing projects of any size and the

perfect way to pick and choose what you need in the moment.

2 Hour Digital Organizing Session

3 Hour Digital Organizing Session

4 Hour Digital Organizing Session

Be Clear Monthly Plans

Stay on track, keep the momentum, and consistently make progress with your digital

organizing projects with monthly 2-hour sessions.

Each monthly session is 2 hours.

1 Session Plan

One 2-Hour Session Per Month

2 Session Plan

Two 2-Hour Sessions Per Month

4 Session Plan

Four 2-Hour Sessions Per Month

Included With All Be Clear Monthly Plans:

  • 3-month minimum commitment and continues until 30-day notice


  • Each block of time must be used in one session - not split up


  • Ability to add additional sessions at same rate


  • Email/text communication between sessions


  • Each session is valid for that calendar month - no carry over



Cancellations: Your time is valuable, and ours is too.  Out of respect, we ask that you give us at least a 48 hour notice to cancel or reschedule to avoid being charged for any organizing sessions scheduled. If you have any questions or need to cancel, please call 858-480-1056.


  • Three month minimum commitment

  • Drop off of your donations after each session

  • Email and text communication between monthly sessions

Have questions? Check our FAQs.

Digital Photo Organizing Online Course

Do you have too many photos on your phone and computer that you have trouble finding them when you need? 

Do you feel overwhelmed just by thinking about trying to sort and organizing them?


Let Be Organizing help you regain control and give you peace of mind knowing your memories

are safe, secure and accessible from anywhere.

  • You'll learn how to:

    • Sustain your memories by organizing your digital photos
    • Locate and organize all your photos in one library
    • Be able to share and back up your photos
  • 4 modules over 4 weeks (30 mins to 1 hour each week)

  • Private Facebook Group

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