Become a Referral Partner and Earn Money!

Increase your value without adding more work.

Do you know a business or someone that can benefit from digital organizing and productivity services?

Become a referral partner to add value to your business, be the resource for your clients and make money while doing it.  This is an added bonus to what you already do and it costs you nothing.

Sign up for our referral program is easy.

Simply complete and submit the application to get started.

We will review your application.

If a good fit, we send you a Referral Partnership Agreement.

Get paid when your referral signs up for our services.

You get $50 for every 2 hours billed, up to 6 hours total.

Plus your referral will get a FREE Digital Organizing Initial Assessment!

Referral Program

Who should be a referral partner?

SMB Providers
Add to what you offer your business clients with our digital organizing and productivity services.
Personal & Professional Service Providers
With Be Organizing services added to your offerings, you become the ultimate resource for your client.
Professional Organizers
Be Organizing will be a value-add to your physical organizing services.

We're here to help you grow.

Once you join our Referral Program you will receive:

Our training video on how to sell and register leads.

Access to our referral partner portal that will serve as your main source of sales, marketing and training resources for our services.

Support from our team to help enhance our businesses for a valuable and profitable relationship.

Referral Program Rewards

Our Be Organizing Referral Program pays one single payment each month that reflects the billed hours of the leads you passed to us.  For every 2 hours billed in a month, you get $50, up to 6 hours/lead total.
Program Requirements
  • Review and agree to the Referral Partnership Agreement.
  • Complete onboarding process.
  • Commit to always mentioning our services to an ideal client.